Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chris and Ralph on E Books

So, Christian and I recorded our second installment last night...this one about E Books.

It felt like we could have jabbered on for another hour, really there is so much to cover when it comes to publishing and E Books these days. Whether one is writing/publishing erotica, non fiction engineering books or poetry, e-publishing is certainly part of the equation presently.

Yes, Chris and I will tend towards talking about erotica mostly (I'd say about 83.3 % of the time) but with lots of the ground we cover-publishing in the current market place, writing and whatever parts of the creative process we can opine on/over/about without getting too boring-we assume (as was proved last night) that a good amount of what we know is not genre specific.

Which I am tickled about really as we never want to exclude anybody from the equation (and from a purely selfish business stand point for Chris and I we can reach more people) of what we are about here.

We covered what Chris calls the 5 deadly sins of self E Book publishing, what are basically no no's as far as Amazon is concerned. This concerns erotica writers mostly but as Amazon is the E Book self publishing seemingly only game in town, it is good for writers of smut to heed Chris's good advice. We also covered the advantages of going with an E Book publisher-like Renaissance E Books who Chris and I write for (he works for them too) and what to expect when publishing in this manner and not in print (or along with print.)

There's lots to learn here, this is basically a brand new field and certainly Chris and I don't have all the answers, but we can at least trickle down some of our knowledge and maybe even prompt more questions...which we also welcome you to ask.

Yes, there will be more installments, we will keep you abreast of them and we certainly will get back to E Bookwriting and publishing I am sure.

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