Thursday, July 24, 2014

The New Venture…and Why

I guess I could easily say it is because Chris and I love to hear ourselves talk (and that is part of it for sure) but this idea for a lecture series, theatre performance, master class, downloadable writing instruction, sharing of conversations, whatever the hell you want to call what we are on about here has been bubbling in our brains for a good long time now. Seeing as M. Christian (I call him Chris) lives on the west coast and me, Ralph Greco, Jr. (in Golum-like solidarity I call him Ralph) on the east, making time to present the full gewy live Bukkake of our duo pontificating is at times, hard to make happen. So we decided, ‘hey, let’s not define this thing, pigeon hole it in a has-to-happen this way and only here situation’ and have at the net to drop a few of our bon mots, let folks know we are ‘out here’ presenting our unique viewpoint on writing, selling erotica, revealing the intricacies of Shibari rope play or whatever else we can convince you that we are experts at.
Without the mutual respect we have for one another (some would say deep ‘man love’) and the assured knowledge (or delusion) that we might just have something to say about the subjects we’re saying something about, Chris and I are hoping to tickle interest for people to download our installments, come see us either solo or together when we give our talks or for those with the power to do so, reach out to hire us (yes, this is all about shameless promotion, doncha know?)
Do a search for our names in the ubiquitous Google search engine and cult (we are all over Amazon and the like and both write for the wonderful Jean Marie Stine and Renaissance E Books (see one of their lines here where Chris and I published often: I think you will find that not just in erotic but in mainstream writing Chris and I present a combined ‘interesting’ resume (or again, I am just delusional.)
In this day and age where everybody not only has something to say about everything, but damn well do, believe me Christian and I will work hard not to simply talk for talk sake, but to present entertaining moments of our time no matter how long they be or in what format we produce them.
So here it starts, buckle-up friends. It’s either gonna be a high flying ride or the stuttering kiddie ride bump-and-jump of a five foot high rollercoaster at the still suffering Jersey Shore.
Love to all,

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