Thursday, August 28, 2014

Getting’ Bigger? By R. Greco, Jr.

Getting’ Bigger?

So I just saw this crazy report that Apple is thinking of releasing a new iPad that is going to be…bigger? Am I just the only person who thinks it is kinda of nutty? Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive in this digital age when one of the advantages we have been touting all along is that our technology was making everything more portable and smaller? And here Apple is thinking of making one of their most popular items yet bigger? Certainly they are answering consumer need or anticipating them, something Steve Jobs’ company has pretty much done very well all along.
But bigger? Really?
I was in Las Vegas recently (and don’t ask me to tell you what happened there, you know the credo everyone lives by, let’s just say lots of stuff “stayed there” where I am concerned…mainly my money). But during my stay I did begin to noticed people lugging iPads just about everywhere to get great clear video and big pics, which prompted me to think, how much can you enjoy getting up and about if you are carrying a great big from-a-time-before-Landru (that’s for you Trek fans) tablet around with you?
And again, wasn’t the promise that all this stuff was going to get smaller?
The world is supposed to be ‘smaller’ with the advent of all the communication we have, but if anything we are truly communicating a lot less….or at least what we are communicating about has a lot less important. (Think I am being a Luddite, well be honest with yourself and consider the last time you truly got a text or Facebook prompt that was about anything important or needed you to reply to right that second.) The common man and woman might boast a social media presence, with lots of ‘likes,’ a bunch o’ Twitter followers, but when is the last time you got up off your ass and met a family member or friend for a cup of coffee, was ‘social’ with them in person. Our digital sphere is supposed to make us smarter and enjoy our lives more, but if anything we are addicted to our prompts, blurps and beeps and if you spend your time looking-up every blessed thing on Google how much thinking for yourself are you doing?
The world is not getting easier to negotiate, it is getting ever more complicated and our gadgets are growing.
Enjoy your extinction my droogs.

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