Thursday, September 18, 2014

And Not A Penny More By R.Greco, Jr.

And Not A Penny More

Every damn day I see a plethora of blogs with titles like “5 Top Reasons Why Hot Sauce Should Not Be Used As Lube’ or “The 10 Best Vacation Resorts for 3somes” (goes to show what I’m searching the web for, huh?) In the world of sound-bite net writing we seem to be taking our information as we are everything else, quickly, in snippets and clearly defined so we don’t have to do all that much heavy lifting when we get round to reading. And as those “5 best of lists” so easily remind us, we might not be being doing all that much heavy lifting when writing either.

But need we be? I am all for doing the very best job you can do, but a writer over-burdening him or herself with too much on their plate when they have only been paid to fill half the plate might want to consider doing the job asked of them, then moving on to find other jobs. There is nothing wrong with being like mercury and filling the vessel of what’s needed, performing the job not exactly to the very zenith of your powers, but to just what is required, giving the buyer what they want and not a penny more. Does this fly in the face of doing a job well done? No. Would one be slacking if they don’t just do that extra bit? I don’t think so. In fact, it shows you can work to the exact perimeter of the job asked of you but if more is needed, doesn’t it make sense in your dollar and cents-ibility that you are paid for the more you do?

I personally find pricing my work, determining how much my time/effort is worth, is the hardest thing I do. But I currently have no agent and I have to fend for myself to make my daily bread because no one else is doing it for me. It’s a tough lesson to learn to be sure but in the end do what you are paid for and if more needs to be done, I say charge for it.

Believe me, there are plenty of people out there who’d be happy not pay you at all.

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