Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pay Me

I got over (well, maybe not completely over) the scam of a potential employer asking for a 150 (or more) word “sample” and I know one has to pay one’s dues, as with any profession, working shit jobs for shit money. But please, don’t fool me with the promise of  a great ‘paying’ writing job if and when what I send you wins a contest…and that you actually have a calculable average amount of contest money you consistently pay to your writers.
And don’t give me the smoke-up-the-ass boast that being published on your not-even-live-yet web portal will have me being seen by untold millions because your new idea/social reach/web idea is just so fantastic I’ll be happy just to be part of it (and yeah, don’t bother with that ‘stick with us, the big bucks are coming, this idea is just too good’ b.s. either.)
I know at this point your money is tapped. Maybe you’re paying a developer buddy with an ownership percentage in your new business or took a loan to get the site up to this point. Why then do you feel you are entitled to ask for writing work for free? Yeah, I get it, you write, everybody these days writes, right? The way you see it it, why should you pay for something everybody could do right; hell, if you had the time you’d write the copy/blog/article yourself. But you know deep down that your writing (at least writing for your own site) is going to suck, that’s why you are reaching out to professionals…and you’re smart to do so. But writers, like your website developer, your hosting company, etc. need to be paid.
So pay us.

I hate to be so blunt but…I don’t give a rat’s dingus about your business, not until you pay me to work for your business. Then I will deliver my best to you, as I always do. But until then, you’re just another pimp out there selling your wares, not unique and certainly not worth giving you my services and skills, unless you respect those services and skills enough to…pay me.

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