Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Enormous Waste Of Time Joining The Conversation

I made the mistake of getting embroiled in a thread/talk back/posting discussion on Xbiz today. I happen to like Xbiz very much, receive one or two email updates a day from them and occasionally will look over a discussion, especially if it is about the adult business. The mistake I made today was twofold…1.) I commented on and therefore got sucked into a political discussion, a subject I usually have no care or knowledge of and 2.) I got involved at all.
I am not a member of, ‘on,’ use, enjoy Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In and any other social media. Nor will I ever be. I admit to a passing interest in Facebook way back when, but soon deleted my account (although Facebook is still emailing me about messages I haven’t read…but is this really Facebook doing this I wonder?). I got myself off of Linked-In as well, although I still get emails to join to other Linked-in profiles. I know plenty of people on these social networks, who use them for business and pleasure and who spend what I would consider big globs of time communicating this way. Bully for them, but it ain’t for me, and in fact, with what happened to me on Xbiz today I realize more than ever that joining the conversation is really an enormous waste of time.
What conversation you ask? Any really. Or more precisely, those coming at us across the web from people we don’t know (hopefully the messages/posts and emails you’re getting are at least from people you do know.) What tripped me up here was throwing my hat into the ring with a bunch of strangers I truly don’t know or care about, nor they me. At least with a friend or relative you or they can stop things from going on too long with a “Got to get back to work here.” or a, “Fuck you asshole…but tell mom I’ll see her at six for dinner.” And yes, one could easily beg off posting, twatting, texting, etc. at anytime with anyone (and it should be easy to do so with people simply trolling an Xbiz board who don’t know you or them) but I opine (and certainly found out the hard way today) that when you join a conversation with net-only friends or like-minded collegues you really don’t know, you are even more tempted to stay with it because you feel part of a great community ‘out there’ in a way you don’t with your cousin or bestie.
This is the false promise of the web of course. How we are all coming closer in a world enjoying blistering fast communication that can reach anywhere at any time. How the supposed dissemination of information makes us all equal in the participation life’s living. How no man, woman or child will ever again be without a voice and how we can join-in the human experience in ways….yeah, yeah yeah. All this and a nickel still won’t buy you a cup of coffee.
Listen close now because I am imparting a truth you might not want to face, nor ever considered, but…there is no community, the net does not make your life better (in fact, it a great many ways it is making your life a whole lot worse) and if ‘it’, whatever it is, is posted on Facebook or said across Twitter or on a newsgroup, it’s not important in the least. I know, I know, this is a hard pill to swallow, but there is no there there. Yes, there are people behind those tweets, Facebook friends of your friends who friend you might call themselves your friends, but these are not ‘real’ people to you nor are you to them?

I’m not saying stop Instagramming, Twatting, Facebooking (though I will damn sure never get myself into a posting back and forth convo again). I’m just trying to impart the one truth I found today and know is certain for all of us as man marches further into his extinction…that conversation going on ‘out there’ is a waste of time.

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