Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thursday: It Hurts So Good ... And When It Shouldn't: An Essential Basic BDSM Safety Class!

(from M.Christian's Classes And Appearances)

This is going to be a blast - hope to see you there!

Safety, safety, safety, safety ... kinksters hear that often enough but the fact is we can't hear too much about it: what we love to do has serious, sometimes life-threatening risks, and it is essential that anyone playing with BDSM toys and techniques learn all they can – constantly – about not just how to play safely but what to do when things to wrong.

In this informative and entertaining class, scene veterans Jean Marie Stine and M.Christian discuss basic BDSM safety, what should be in your emergency kit, basic human anatomy, chancy play techniques, STCs and other biological risks, how to try to expect the unexpected ... and more!

Thursday, November 19th
Class from 8-10pm, doors open at 7:30pm
Cost: $20 at the door, or $15 in advance

Jean Marie Stine describes herself as Maggie Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West. By day she wields a mean whip as the Editrix of Sizzler Editions, which publishes all types of BDSM fiction and other erotica. She has written and ghosted numerous books and stories, some mainstream, some highly kinky and perverse. She is a serious soul eating dom, seeking gender queers of all types with submissive natures, bodies she can play with, and orifaces she can get my hand in. Her interests include Aunt/Mistress boy/girl niece/nephew play, hot and cold, cutting, whipping, the occasional group topping of some helpless bottom, and much more.

M.Christian has been an active participant in the San Francisco BDSM scene since 1988, and has been a featured presenter at the Northwest Leather Celebration, smOdyssey, the Center For Sex and Culture, The National Sexuality Symposium, San Francisco Sex Information, The Citadel, The Looking Glass, The Society of Janus, The Floating World, Winter Solstice, and lots of other venues. He has taught classes on everything from impact play, tit torture, bondage, how to write and sell erotica, polyamory, cupping, caning, and basic SM safety.

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