Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our New Classes!

Ralph and Chris are having such a blast teaching that we decided to expand our repertoire to include a bunch of new classes!

Check them out below - and be sure to write us to let us know if there's a special kind of class you'd like to see us teach!

Cupping and Cooldown: Effective And Sensual Scene Aftercare

Naturally many people focus on what happens before, and especially during, a scene but unfortunately what happens after is all too often neglected.  Yet, as any kink veteran can tell you, aftercare can be just as crucial -- if not more so -- to a happy, healthy (and naughty) experience.

In this thought-provoking class, participants will learn a myriad of techniques to ground both bottom and top: sensual practices such as the ancient practice of cupping, various forms of massage, the nurturing power of a simple touch, the importance of feedback during and after, and emotional caregiving and receiving -- all with the goal of not just leaving a scene better than when it was entered, but to pave the way for even better times to come!

Demo bottoms encouraged to participate


Going Gray: BDSM 101 - Making Fantasies A Reality … Or Not

Exploring erotic fantasies often brings players to BDSM.  But making one’s dreams reality can be difficult-- if not impossible -- leading to a longing that often can’t be fulfilled.  

In Going Gray, attendees will learn a wide range of methods to possibly create what has only been erotically dreamed of: analyzing the core nature of fantasies, ways of experimenting with what physically can happen (and what can’t!) planning and execution, emotional and physical safety, how to cope with the possibilities that some fantasies simply can’t be made real, and how to create new fantasies when the old ones just don’t work anymore.  


Relationships And The Scene: Who We are And What We Could Be

Delving into the kink lifestyle can test even the strongest of relationships, bringing up all kinds of issues regarding sexuality, orientation, arousal, jealousy, insecurity, and a lot more!  These difficulties can sometimes be exacerbated by feeling confined by traditional relationship structures, such as marriage and traditional monogamy.

Attending Relationships And The Scene, participants will hear of a wide range of alternative relationship structures such as nonmonogamy, polyamory, the swinging lifestyle, slavehood, and many others that could very well be the key to unlocking ways of reducing, or even removing, feelings of frustration, shame, guilt, and fear for those stepping into the world of BDSM.


Clothespins: The Kinky Wondertoy

Sure, they look innocent enough but in a skilled hand a clothespin (wooden or plastic) can be a beautifully viscous toy.  Applied to genitals and breasts they can make even the most hardened of bottoms squirm with delight.

In this class, lessons will be taught in how to select the right clothespin for the job, safe ways of applying them, how to easily modify them in all kinds of fiendish ways, the physics and physiology of what makes clothespins so intense, the sweet intensity of zippers, cautions and concerns, and where to apply them to a human body to get the best effect.

Demo bottoms encouraged to participate


A Beat You Can Beat To: Rhythm Play

Ironically, even though most BDSM toys -- from paddles to canes, floggers to bare hands -- involve beating a bottom, far too many people forget that they are basically playing an instrument … one where engaging a good, playful rhythm can mean the difference between a happily squirming submissive or one that’s just annoyed.

In this playful class, participants will learn the crucial importance of setting up a well-reasoned, and most of all, sensual impact style -- both pleasing to the receiver as well as saving the arms, wrists and back of the giver.  Techniques will be explored for all kinds of toys: paddles, floggers, and more -- demonstrating the pros and cons of each in regards to rhythmic play.

Additionally, the class will touch on how normally intense toys such as canes can be used in a slow and sensual way: an excellent technique to expand both a top and bottoms range of both toys and types of play.

Demo bottoms encouraged to participate


A Kinky Kabaret: Sexy Songs, Erotic Stories, And More!

The scene is packed full of wildly talented people, and in this special event R. Greco and M.Christian will put together an entire lineup of musicians, poets, burlesque dancers, magicians, comedians, erotica writers, and tons of others to amaze and amuse, titillate and totally-wow your attendees!
Everyone invited to perform a self-contained few minutes (performance time for each participant contingent on how many performers sign-up)

Handling everything from reaching out to event participants, finding talent, running the show, doing extensive PR (including flyers and social media), R. Greco and M.Christian put on a show by and for everyone … everyone who enjoys a wild night of kink and sex, laughter and thrills, fun and erotic frivolity, and beyond!

Performers pretty damn welcome!

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