Monday, March 12, 2018

Private Pornography in the Third Reich

Who knew Hitler and the gang could be so much fun?

In Goliath Books’ new release: Private Pornography in the Third Reich, we get a 224-page book featuring 330 photographs of vintage Nazi naughtiness. Culled from the private collection of the book’s author Hans von Bockhain, here is a peek into what was really going on during the restrictive reign of one of history’s most notorious regimes.

I’m not a huge student of history but I do know enough that when rifling through this fantastically rich hardcover to notice the irony in such an inherent oppressive bunch managing to produce such material. But there is that oft-indicated dichotomy of how much naughty stuff one finds within the strictly religious, the seeming super moral, certainly restrictive-to-the-edge of self-flagellation folk This is why Chris are always championing a let-it-all-happen philosophy in what ones does (be it consenting and within lawful means) and why when you happen to open a book titled, Private Pornography in the Third Reich you might be as surprised as titillated by what you see.

I know I was.
Black and white pics all, with certainly some kinky overtones, this is a fun romp of a book to flip through. Feast your eyes on that which was done, pretty much as it has been done, for most of human existence...and by those wacky fellas and gals who dug that double SS on their armbands.

Starting in 1997 with publishing a UFO photo book, Goliath is based in Berlin and has been about giving the world "The Sexy, The Weird And The Extraordinary,” as they say, declaring that boredom is "the first cardinal sin." We couldn't agree more. Love or even hate something, at least you come away with a reaction, but being bored; we are with good people at Goliath, boredom sucks.

Private Pornography in the Third Reich, is not boring in the least and you can grab a copy here:

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