Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stormy Daniels & Donald Trump; Any Of My Business?

No matter how you weigh in on the President's current Storm Daniels' stuff, is any of this kind of fiddle dee dee and folderol anything we haven’t seen before? Old ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton seemed to have a few dalliances when married and God knows the naughtiness that actually has gone on in the White House makes me paraphrase Steve Tyler’s quote when the second Mr. Bush was in office: “There's been more Bush in the White House recently, then when Kennedy was president.”
Now, the latest thing I heard and tried to digest during the recent Anderson Cooper interview of Stormy Daniels on "6o Minutes" is whether money paid to Ms. Daniels via Trump’s lawyer was campaign funds and if so, if this an illegal act. That kind of question is well beyond my pay grade. And simply, I don’t even know if I care. I am so A-political I am neither a Trump supporter, or detractor (though these days it seems you can’t be in middle of this issue, as you can’t ride any gray area on any other cause or personality) but him cheating on his wife (if he did) ain’t my business.
If you found yourself not giving a donkey’s dingus about Clinton’s affairs in and out of the big house, on just this subject alone, why would you care about The Donald’s running around? If you hold righteous indignation about this kind of stuff though, well then go ahead and hate all you like. And God knows, if the election of Donald Trump was the worse thing to happen in your life within the last three decades than have at him, I say. It will make you feel good.
As to the legal ramifications, again, I have no clue. I rather think we got other things to worry about...but what do I know?
As for Stormy? Don’t worry. As she said to Anderson, she is making more money now for what she did before (sexy dancing in strip clubs) and is at a level of fame (or is it infamy?) that she never reached even back in her most popular porn days. And remember, whatever kind of sex she said she did have with Donald, the lady has had lots more of it (and better it seems from what she said to Anderson) with plenty of other men and women in her day.
And the world keeps a turnin'.

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