Monday, April 16, 2018

Beyoncé Exposes Herself Because You Asked Her To

Rockin’ it so hard this year that Coachella has been renamed “Beychella,” Beyoncé really has seemed to have spun the music fest on its head. With appearances by Jay-Z and her partners in Destiny Child, Miss Bey really made up for bowing out of last year's festival. And she gave forth not only with music and dance, but an amazing array of Balmain outfits across her two-night stand.
And of course, we got a wardrobe malfunction.
The potential ‘nip and boot slip’ (occurring from two different wardrobe pieces and at two separate times) indeed came when the ‘complete’ Destiny's Child’s sang “Lose My Breath.” Miss Bey lost the strap on her one-shoulder camouflage bodysuit, nearly exposing-in 2018 Olympic Winter Game style-her breast. Later her boots would start to slip.
Is it me, (and yes it could be me, I am ever so cynical, I know) but do these wardrobe malfunctions seem to be happening with ever more frequency these days? Are the dance moves our performers (be they dancers or ice-skaters) executing that much more rigoruous, are costumes just not made like they used to be made, or are our best and brightest, knowing how hard they are competing for attention, time, download and eyes across social media creating these slips, breaks, undoings, exposures, for some ardent Twittering?
I’d hate to think this about Miss Bey or anybody, but in this day and age of ADD attention spans and the overuse of Instagram, one need make themselves noticed. Why not just venture forth with an outfit that, given just a little shimmying and shake, could give up its tenstion or clasp?
I applaud the effort this past weekend. By all accounts, even if you are not specifically into what Beyoncé does, what she did do was amazing.
And her wardrobe failed, what else could we want?

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