Thursday, April 5, 2018 Leaves the Armory at Last

Back ‘in the day’ (2009 actually) Chris and I had occasion to meet for the first time at an YNOT convention in San Francisco. During that long weekend of fun and networking we also had occasion to visit, via the good people throwing the convention, a few of the city's more infamous spots. One such spot was’s “Castle,” at San Francisco’s Armory. This was home of the infamous naughty website’s parties and home for its scene filming.

For those who have never been or even driven by, the Armory in San Francisco, as are all Armories, is a massive place. The enclosed parking area alone, used to keep tanks and other military vehicles secure looks like the size of two football fields, at least. Inside, the good people of Kink knew enough to keep the big building as bare as possible, so they could have the perfect stark chalky grey walls for their films of fetish and debauchery and high ceiling spots for building any type of contraption or cage for what they needed.
This week it was announced Kink is moving (as I have been hearing for years they were) and in vacating the Armory they are having an estate sale. As you’d imagine from what used to happen at this particular spot, this estate sale is unlike others in so many ways. On Kink’s behalf The Yes Company will be selling a vintage pool table, as well as props from Kink films, a human hamster wheel, a piano and desks; basically the everyday and the, well, downright naughty.
It’s sad to see such a venerable institution close up shop in one of the kinkiest cities in the world. I have wonderful memories of the two times I visited Kink’s ‘Castle’ (YNOT held another party there for its convention the next year that attended). has not stopped operating, it’s just doing so in another city.

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