Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sugared Kiss

Is print dead? That’s a question Chris and I (and lots of the writers we meet at our classes) ask all the time. As publishers of our erotica mainly and mostly in eBook form, and when there is a reason for it, print-on-demand, we are well aware of the assumption print might be dying. I don’t believe it is though, I am one of the those dinosaurs who love to hold an actual book in my hands, and it is thrilling to me to see a new publication start, especially one that features erotic images and will indeed present collector ‘print-on-demand’ editions. I came in contact recently with expert erotic photographer Ashley Fontenot and along with fetish model Emily Marilyn, the ladies are birthing their new magazine, Sugared Kiss (I will give you details about how to join their Kickstarter Campaign at the end of this blog).
What’s Sugared Kiss about? Well, as Ashley told me, Sugared Kiss is “less about being one thing and more about being everything. We are a bit tongue in cheek about Sugared Kiss being a 'Girlie Magazine' and that is because we do want to be a little bit playful and have fun with what we are doing.  “
You can see from the pic here that playfulness is what they are definitely about.

And it’s about time, I feel. Some hard incendiary lines have been drawn in the past few years diving us all politically as well as culturally. It’s nice to see two women spearhead a publication that is naughty fun, that celebrates the female form-with and without clothes-and one that can be put right alongside a Maxim and a Playboy as well as fashion latex mags like our beloved Von Gutenberg or Vogue.
There is room in the sandbox here for everybody.
Sugared Kiss will feature exquisitely curated content from a variety of photographers, models, designers and artists from backgrounds ranging from fashion to editorial to erotic. And as I told you, Ashley and Emily have a Kickstarter campaign in place to help with some very basic needs presently. Please join them here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sugaredkiss/sugared-kiss-photography-magazine

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