Thursday, June 21, 2018

Featured Fiction From Ralph in Brand New "Spank-Happy Wives, #7" from Scarlett Hill

Billing itself as 'THE fanzine for ADULT devotees, practitioners & every blushing day believers in the joys & benefits of good, old-fashioned SPOUSAL spanking!' issue #7 of Scarlett Hill's Spank-Happy Wives is just the ticket for those of us interesting in the kink of spanking in a couples/marriage setting. And in this issue I have been lucky enough to place a story.
I am not married presently, but I do know about relationships and I guess I kinda know a little bit about spanking...or can at least write about it well enough to get paid for my spanking fiction here and there. The scenario I set up in my story "Paid To Whip," I hope you will find creative and fun if you happen to stumble across it. I can’t thank the good people of Scarlett Hill for publishing me.
Now, I love to keep talking about myself as much as the next guy (especially if the next guy is me) but there's lots of good stuff other than just my piece in these 52 pages. Lots of websites are mentioned where one can go and explore their spanking interests further, one in particular, the newly created looked so especially inviting that I had to go check it out. I went there (purely for research purposes, of course) and I think you're gonna like what you find; very good stuff indeed.
There's a fantastic Kami Tora cartoon in #7. If you don't know his work, look the guy up, he manages some of the most erotic fetish stuff I have ever seen. In the mag. too are plenty of male confessions about dom wives and lovers. Plenty of pictures are in here too, taken either from websites mentioned or just those found by Scarlett Hill, some very hot illustrations and to round out the issue, there is even a listing of social spanking gups and their URL’s.
Spank-Happy Wives #7 and all the rest of the goodies Scarlett Hill produces can be found here:

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  1. Thanks for the generous plug, the hot story, & the big smile seeing, "I kinda know a little bit about spanking...", brought to my lips, Ralphie. Wink! Wink! I'd say your secret was safe with me, but I think your never too old to be naughty heart slipped a little too far out on your sleeve for you to fool anyone with that or your other, cute & amusing, "purely for research purposes, of course" claim. As you know, what kinks any adult happens to get hooked on are cool as long as they're safe, consensual & legal as men being spanked by women surely is. It's also growing in popularity too, & I thank you for pointing that out & encouraging your readers to check us & the web wide adult spanking underground out if they're so inclined from the safety of their home computers as they can do these modern, enlightened days. Thanks again, Ralphie! Be talking to you soon!! - Barb Lewis, SHE Pres & Publisher