Friday, June 29, 2018

No 'Make-Up' Sex For Me, Thank You

Nothing to review and nothing to report this week…I just wanted to expound (rant?) on an idea that crossed the old noggin last week. I don’t usually take to any of the many blogs I write to do this kind of opening-my-head-to-just-let-an-idea-pour-out-my ears (as in, who the fuck cares what any of us really has to say?) but I was thinking about the idea of ‘make-up’ sex and how, really, I have never had it nor do I think I ever will.
Especially as I have grown ancient, brittle and jaded, what rises my Titanic these days needs come from an emotional/intellectual tickle as much as a physical one. Sure, a comely upturned ankle can still turn my head and God knows I am a sucker for legwarmers (especially when worn by a woman), but really I need to be ‘all in,’ in all ways, in order to be into giving forth with my amazing staff of minty sugar love, or even my attention. I need to know I’m cared for, and that my partner has my back
Ewww, does that make me sound like a pussy? Sorry, but it’s true.
‘Make up’ sex? My reasoning here is that, if you have just fought with your partner isn’t the very last thing you want is to be near them? Yeah, I know, the make-up sex is supposed to occur a requisite amount of time after the fight, but the fact that it is called “make up” sex means it is making up for the fight, that you two are reacting to what you just went through. It’s kinda too raw on the bone for me, sorry to say. I mean, I can understand maybe boning her sister—has she one—or her best friend over a chair for a little of ‘How’s your father?’; talk about revenge! But unless you and I don’t get settled what we fought about I am not about to get into bumping pink parts (or even making cookies) with someone I just fought with.

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