Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Goliath Books, Marquis de Sade – 100 Erotic Illustrations

Good old, wacky Marquis de Sade. Got to love the guy. He was a hoot and a half, no? Even if you are not a kinkster you have no doubt heard the term ‘sadism,’ and even if you don’t know from whence it comes (it comes from this well-heeled society reprobate) you probably have a hint of what BDSM is, maybe have brushed past sexual power exchange, heard the term (or played at being a) ‘top’ or ‘bottom’?
(Oh, I know, don’t worry, I know you’d never dream of trying these kinds of things in your bedroom!)
Well, if you want a peek into fevered dreams of high naughtiness or just a reminder of what you get into on a regular basis twice-a-month with the girls down at the bridge club (those nights you put the cards away and wiggle into the leather) have a look at the new cool hardcover from Goliath Books, Marquis de Sade – 100 Erotic Illustrations. We’ve been on about Goliath before. Releasing photographic and illustrated tomes, this publisher, based in Berlin, are not afraid to take on controversial subjects (and show a lot of skin). And while all the Marquis was into is not everybody’s cup of tea, the stuff you will come to in this hardcover are pretty damned naughty…and involve quite a lot of folks in each scene.
To the Marquis, the more was definitely the merrier.
Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade, born in Paris in 1740, was a relative of the French royal family. He is known mostly for his bad behavior and writings (most of which were done when he was jailed for life in 1777). He was a man known for holding orgies, whipping women, and frequenting prostitutes. And while lots of what the Marquis got up to has been sighted as non-consensual (something no one can rightly condone) one can’t help but notice the historical significance of his writings and the many illustrations that went right along with them.
Lots of which you will find in the hundred in Marquis de Sade – 100 Erotic Illustrations. .

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