Monday, September 24, 2018

My New Story In Kink~E Magazine

So, over at Kink~E magazine you will find my new short story, "The Sounds Of Silence" (a slight nod to old S&G), my first for this naughty e magazine. What editor and CEO Marabelle Blue was after, how I found her, was that she has put a call out specifically for stories, interviews, etc. about the wonderful world of cuckolding; I sent her a little something...and away we go.
Kink~E is chock-full-of-kink portal (not just featuring stuff on cuckolding) of a whole bunch o' content to make readers moan and imagine. It's a fun place to look around, and not just at my story, but far and wide to get your kink on. And come back to again and again.
Marabelle takes a three-way platform approach to reaching her audience. "Advertising on the magazine, advertising with my podcast @KEMTopTalk, plus when I attend different trade shows, I get mentions there," is how she outs the word out about Kink~E. Plus (and specifically to what Chris and I do) Marabelle says; "I get more writers, more writers gets more content and more content gets more visitors and guess what those visitors are going to do….it’s just common sense."
Ah, how nice it i to work with someone who truly values the written word.
I am fully aware of how much 'stuff' there is out there and of that stuff, how many places there are to find it. Luckily we can narrow our search, be it for essays about gardening in the hilly environs of Lake Manafred, how to find the proper attire to wear when you attend the Grand Autumn Ball at Prince Billy Gaga's Palace on planet Mifuzzball or maybe to enjoy stories of a guy's girlfriend's mom spanking his bare bottom on a regular basis when he gets to fresh with the daughter (hmm, now that sounds like one you might find at Kink~E sometime soon).
But in your searching for kink fun you need step no further then Kink-E.
As Marabelle says, she wants to make "Kink-E Magazine the one stop shop for all!"
One and all will just love Kink~E.

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