Tuesday, October 9, 2018

NYC Comic Con 2018, Not a #MeToo In Sight....Thank God

As you might expect Chris and I are big fans of the old sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, comic, thingie. In fact, when we first met, way back in the dusty distant past of 2009, during a YNOT convention (check out YNOT here if you've never been, tell them I sent you) we were as much jawing about our writing of dirty tomes (and me joking with Chris that he had rejected a few stories of mine for some places he was editing) as we were going on about the old Outer Limits show and the like.
It should come as no surprise then that I was interested and happen to cobble a couple of press passes for Comic Con 2018, this past weekend when it flew through NYC.
If you have never been to a fantasy/comic/science fiction convention, then I can tell you they are usually populated with rabid fans. This one, Comic Con, and the originator that happens in the summer in San Diego, are the massive cream-of-the-crop, as far as this kind of thing are concerned.

What they also are, are fantastic opportunities for fans to dress as their favorite fantasy characters or don some outfits they made of characters wholly born from their own imaginations. And as All Hallows gets the usual staid lady or man to exercise some freak frockery, at Comic Con it is pretty much de rigueur to show a little skin...or a lot of it, as the case was.
And there was much rejoicing (to borrow from old M.P.)
Down at NYC's huge Javitz Center, one saw many different versions of Wonder Woman (even a hirsute guy dressed as the famous female super hero), a bunch o' Poison Ivy's, Batgirls and guys simply walking bare chested, full pecked through the crowd. But what makes the weekend so special (yes, there were dealer's rooms and comic book and movie companies on hand as well...the soon-to-be shown Amazon Prime show Good Omens was kicking ass at their booth experience, and Family Guy cast members were walking around. You get the picture) was that those who wanted to see-and-be-scene, those bouncing breasts forward or showing off booties and cod pieces, did so with aplomb and a certain need to be looked at, and have their pictures taken.
I loved it.
NYC Comic Con 2018 was a safety net breath of fresh air (piling on the metaphors here, sorry) that was so welcomed in all that trouble the sexes have been having lately with accusations of ogling and worse. I have no care to get political here, I’m just reporting that it was nice to see so much frim and comely skin and everybody enjoying revealing as much as looking at it.

photo credit: Joseph Swarctz

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