Monday, October 22, 2018

Our friends at Goliath books have struck again. Releasing to the world book upon book of fantastic sexy photography (many of which I have featured here previously) their new Young Casting Girls is another sumptuous hardcover of naughty pictures. This time we have a grouping of young ladies anyone would love to get across a casting coach (please, don't start with the #MeToo broadsides, this is all in good fun...and the women here, of course, consenting).
Surely there are some naked ladies in these mainly solo shots of women across these 320 mostly what one notices is the faces of these women, how beguiling they appear, how matter-of-fact they come across showing their all to
Mark Novak’s camera.
What we are getting here is the action just before a porn production begins, as we are let into what Goliath calls the "Lights, Camera and lots of Hot Girl Action!"
As the book details:
To get a more detailed look at what really goes on behind the closed doors of the casting process, we let you peek at a reprint of an original casting form filled out by a model pitching for the job. Then, we journey behind the lens of Mark Novak’s camera as he displays casting photos from 50 different young, fresh, good-looking models. Novak is known for his work with young eauties and his photos captured during these Model Castings reveal a new side to his artistic talent. Sit back, relax and enjoy your backstage pass to this exclusive, intimate viewing.
Young Casting Girls is published in Enlish, Ditch, French ULiana dn PSanish, but it is the ouctrue shree that will take you away.
Fans of nude photography, pretty wan beauties, hardcover naughty images and any Goliath books in general will love this book.

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