Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018 Fetish Map London

Our friends at PictuRama have released their annual Fetish Map London. This sprawling pocket-sized glossy guide hips one and all to all that one (and all) might desire in the world of fetish, kink and anything alternative, in and around London and other points far afield. It is really the only map of its kind.
The 2018 FML is the 10th edition of the map, released in conjunction with London Fetish Weekend as it always has been. Beginning publication sixteen years ago, the map grew not only in size but in scope and after six years out it took on a global reach. Kinksters from around the world would come to rely on the map for where they were going to stop as tourists or plan trips around events that the map revealed (it stays in circulation a year-and-a-half from its publication, so lots of things are listed well in advance so readers can make appropriate plans). Presently Fetish Map London enjoys a print run of 75,000 copies and now reaches the USA, Italy, Japan, and Holland, to name just a few countries it gets to. One can order it here, or pick it the map up in many of the locations that are listed actually in the map.
It takes time for something to catch on with a niche-minded scene, even longer for something to be considered de rigueur, necessary, something people come to expect. Indeed, if Fetish Map London didn't deliver, time and again, as it always has, it would not have made the grade within a very discerning crowd. But the map is out yet again, serving the purpose it always has and seen-be-scenesters as well as everyday folks looking to find some latex wardrobe accessories, or a provocative gallery opening, will come to the map once again for their fix.

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