Thursday, November 1, 2018

Goliath's Tattooed Beauties & Super Nylon Parade

Our old friends, German publisher, Goliath has two new titles for us who like to look.
First, Tattooed Beauties. Here we have photographer Christian Saint shots of some of the most eye-catching models, Kelly Eden, Abbey So, Annasthesia Awful, to name but a few, in a 250-page book featuring tats and tits (and other parts of the female body...sorry I was just trying to be witty there). Be you interested in tattoos, naked ladies, tats and naked ladies, it’s all here.
Decidedly leaning more to the fetish, but just as sexy, Goliath gives us Super Nylon Parade. Here are 600 pictures of ladies wearing nylons, and some attached other unmentionables. Very hot stuff indeed (personally my tastes run more towards SNP than TB, but both are wonderful hardcovers). Twenty-four photographers' work is featured in Super Nylon Parade; names like Dave Naz, Octavio Arizala, John Donegan, among the many. Goliath says, this is "the ultimate super photo book for every fan of erotic women, who often have nothing else on other than their legwear."
Both Tattooed Beauties and Super Nylon Parade are available, like most Goliath titles in English, German, Français, Español, Italiano. And both really prove yet again the voyeuristic pleasure of enjoying the female form. Maye in this #MeToo age we aren’t supposed to objectify or enjoy even, but I’ll be damned if I try and mute my love of and my need to, look at naked women and ogle their various body parts. Yes, encasing a long luscious leg in a tight see-thru stocking or admitting the color and shape of a tat near or across a luscious and lovely body part pretty, makes the looking seem less about the ogling. But for me what works in these Goliath books I have been reviewing here now for a while, is the mastery of adult photography rendered and presented in such a perfect way.
Thanks Goliath for these two new titles: Get them here: 

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