Thursday, November 15, 2018


So, here we are again, Chris and I return to the scene of the crime that is the wonderful Sin In The City kink event, in Las Vegas. This year Sin will be held 2/1-2/3, happening once again at the wonderful Alexis Park, All Suite Resort right off the strip. This will mark our return for two years in a row, but three presenting at this event.
Las Vegas, as we all know—even those who have never been—is a wildly sexy, alternate adult playground; a kink convention couldn’t find a better home here really. The SITC people really do present a spectacular naughty and safe weekend, making their event the place to be for the entire three days, even though that wildness of Las Vegas is just outside the hotel’s door. So far, the presenters' list includes Bri-Burning; Mr. Dark; Mistress Cyan; Danarama; Trixie Lafontaine, and many more (like Chris and I). Playspaces include the event’s dungeon spanning 21,000 feet (certainly one of the highlights of this and pretty much any other kink event get together) and play set-ups that include The MIXER (SIN’S gender-inclusive space) The ToolBOX (their feminine energy space) The Manhole (their masculine energy space) and The Playground (for littles and pets).
So you see, they have it all covered.

The people we’ve met at SIN, the folks we reached out to prior to the event, working as either staff or volunteering for our classes, and all the friends we have made along the way, have all been so lovely. And when you realize you have the class’s full attention or hear a “Good job,” later or even get a hug or two with people being so complimentary, you find the whole experience of flying out to a kink event so very empowering.
So, if you get out to kink come by and say hello to Chris and I. And to our friends at the SIN IN THE CITY organization, it is an honor to be with you again.
Get all the information on SIN IN THE CITY here:

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