Wednesday, January 30, 2019

See You At Sin In The City!

This is so thrilling: in just a few days Ralph and Chris will be not just attending but also teaching our class, Tit-Torture For Boobs: A Breast Play Intensive, for great folks at Sin In The City, Las Vega

Tit-Torture For Boobs: A Breast Play Intensive
Breast play offers wonderful opportunities for intensely powerful play - but also comes with serious, even dangerous, risks. In this breasts-on seminar, participants will learn how to treat tits, both male and female, with exactly the right measure of sensuality and intensity to play well but also safely. Clothespins, nipple clamps, pinching, suction devices, gentle impact, bondage, and more will be demonstrated - as well as how to deliver effective aftercare. Additionally, participants will be given instruction in first aid, the dangers of breast play, and the limits of what boobs can take.

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