Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sinning In The City

So once again Chris and I are off to the land of the midnight breast implant and Willy Wonka slots, Las Vegas, to teach and partake of the fabulous Sin In The City Convention (see all about it here). So far we have been asked to give forth our knowledge three times at Sin, last year and then a few before that when the convention was held at the old Rivera Hotel (where I had a brush-with-greatness with Nina Hartley as she ordered a muffin and coffee  and I was squirting cream… into my own coffee.)
Anyway, the people at Sin treat us wonderfully, the hotel where the event is now held, Alexis Park All Suite Resort is a few blocks off the strip, and the attendees all fantastic people to spend a weekend with to be sure. With Chris living on the West coats and me on the East (exact locations can be obtained for a self-addressed stamped envelope sent to the address above, but the letter must include a $1.35 in redeemable S&H Green Stamps) it isn’t so often we see one another, indeed not as often as we’d want (which would be every day over coffee and a nosh) so to be able to teach as well as hang is a good time for us both.
I love Las Vegas, from the first time I went and came home winning $300.00 on roulette to the times I used to go once-a-season with my ex to working now for my client, The Erotic Heritage Museum, to Chris and I now sailing in. It’s a cheeky place and every time I come in I am flabbergasted over the new building, confused where I am and ever amazed at all the people, neon, sounds, and smells.
I’ll certainly report back with what Chris and I find at Sin In The City this year (although there are some things I cannot report on, as you would imagine). Watch this space next week for the update.
Oh, by the way, Happy New Year everybody. Now to Sin and beyond…

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