Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Young Exotic Beauties

Sorry to say, drooling over beautiful, scantily clad women (of legal age of course) has been a past time of mine for many a year. And come the warmer months around my NJ way, it’s easier to spy smooth upper thigh (or wisp of panty on a quick turn), the long expanse of promise with a front few buttons on a shirt undone, even just some see-thru moments from thinner clothes. And of course, there is always the wonderful possibilities a bathing suit can bring us.
Ah the warmer weather and women enjoying it. What could any other hetero man want?
The new Goliath book, Young Exotic Beauties answers all of my prayers like few Goliath tomes have managed (and as you know from reading here, I love the Goliath output). This hardcover book, a collection of photography by Richard Lopez features all the very best of what one could ever want in warm weather skin gazing; sunshine, drinks, and sexy curvy girls who love to show off.
There's plenty of skin here and lots of fresh smiles, a lethal combination for even the most causal voyeur. The bathing suits (what there are of them) are really dirty little numbers, and in many instances you are as much rooting for the girls to keep them on as take them off. The women are stunning (and yes young you need to really call them girls) and quite exotic…in fact this might be Goliath’s most exotic grouping yet. The settings are beaches, pools and lush backyards you'd just love to step into.
As always Goliath offers a great big peak to our desires captured perfectly by a skilled photographer’s lenses. There isn’t much else here other than the location and the woman, but there needn’t be. Young Exotic Beauties is exactly what the title suggests.
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