Friday, May 17, 2019

SinCyr Publishing releases Ralph Greco, Jr.'s Tease & Arouse

As any freelancer, un-agented worker, build-your-own-brand brander knows there is a fine line between trying to get the word out about your wares and shameless (icky) self-promotion. Chris and I do our fair share here for sure, but we also try and keep a balance so anyone coming to this blog, among all the many many other blogs one could come to, will at least, maybe (hopefully) be entertained. By its very nature a blog on any site 'advertises' for that site, is promoting something in some way, so it really is a case of the tail wagging the dog we know.
This time I admit to being blatantly self-promoting by telling you about my recent publication of a book at SinCyr Publishing.
I already have a story appearing in a SinCyr anthology (see here) so I know how wonderfully the company works in releasing, promoting and in the actual creation of their tomes. My Tease and Arouse (see here and here) is now available.
Writing the wide variety of stuff that I do, fiction and non-fiction both, and certainly skipping across genres from erotica to science fiction to whatever else (a jack-off of all trades, masturbator of none) I am very happy with the short fiction in T&A and would invite you along for the ride if you are of a mind to enjoy some naughty words of this particular stripe.
At the end of the day, Chris and I, and so many authors I know, are as much flattered as thrilled to have publishers like SinCyr out there paving the path for erotic fiction and genre stuff in general. A regular traipse through my local Barnes and not-so Nobles fills me with sadness when I see how little erotica the store puts up on its shelves and how genre fiction in general seems to be dwindling ever more to puzzles, Funko figures and magazines (does anybody feel a sense that Barnes is going the way of Borders in a last ditch effort to stay open?)
Thank you SinCyr.


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