Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The History of Sexual Punishment

I'm not exactly admitting to anything you understand, but Goliath's new little hardcover tome The History of Sexual Punishment, kinda bubbles my giblets in a way that even the best from this publisher has yet to. Not that I don't love all the Goliath titles I have expounded on in this blog, but this new book, from the Karl F. Sturer Collection and part of the  Goliath’s “Digest” series is a just right for my sensibilities.
And that’s all I’m admitting to.

Across the 240 images presented here (some actual monochrome, a real collector’s treat, plus engravings, Victorian Daguerreotypes and film and digital images) we get mainly women giving and women receiving flagellation pornographic images…which is perfectly fine with me. Given that this girl-doming-girl is a mainstay of hetero-male porno, it’s no surprise that from as early as 450 BC in Greece, up through the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th (and beyond) in the stuff represented here, we get lots of woman topping other women. Yes there are a few guys in the mix, both dom and sub, but you get the idea.
Across the book we get 30 chapters, with names like, “Erotic spanking as a consensual practice,” “The Berkley horse,” “The paddle,” and “Lesbian spanking.” Rest assured, into spanking, interested but not yet having indulged in it, or just a passing fan, a goodly amount of positions, practices and instruments are well explored here. Be you a fan of the slipper, a fanny high and exposed over a couch or lap, a teacher making clear her lesson with a cane, you get lots here to salivate over.
As we often find with Goliath, this book is presented in multi-languages. Spanish and Italian are represented in the intros with English and German the dominant languages throughout the book.
You can grab The History of Sexual Punishment, here.

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