Friday, June 8, 2018

Hard Drive - Help Me Pick A Cover!

(from M.Christian's Technorotica)

This is flat-out AMAZING!  Frankie Hill at Sizzler Editions has always done fantastic covers but this time ... well, wow and more wows: Frankie has done not just one but THREE staggering covers for my upcoming collection, Hard Drive: The Best SciFi Erotica of M.Christian.

The problem is I have no clue which one to pick!  That's why I'm asking the three or four people who are nice enough to still be checking out my site to help me choose.

So just share in the comments which you like the best and that will help me make my mind up!

Cover 1:

Cover 2:  

Cover 3:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Good Stuff Of Life: PUSSY & BUTT & NATURAL & NAKED

I know we are all perfectly outraged over what Rosanne Barr said, but really let’s get on with our lives, ok? There’s so much more that’s important and will impact our lives…like Goliath Books’ latest PUSSY & BUTT & NATURAL & NAKED. Though only available presently at Amazon Germany (see here and here) in this world of over PC-ness and seemingly moral outrage at every tweet, these ‘views’ of ladies and their parts is so welcome to me. Goliath has one again managed a unapologetic, naughty and fun couple of photography books that will simply make your day.
Pussy & Butt, the more explicit of the two, features over 250 color pics of 18 different scenes. As Goliath says, here they are presentinguninhibitedly and uncensored displays of the two most beautiful sides of women: the pussy and the butt.” Pink parts are what this hardcover is all about and as I have always said (and tried to make happen even in my smallest way out in the world) pussies and butts need be celebrated the way Goliath does here.
Photographer Mikhail Paramonov’s lends his lenses in making Natural & Naked, his latest erotic photographic project. Paramonov brings together fresh, bright beauties with no tats or ‘extras’, sporting long legs, firm breasts and soft skin displaying themselves to his camera. As Goliath says, the 300 pics here, certainly less explicit than in Pussy & Butt, but still sexy, are a “true statement against the increasing prudery in our society.”
And man, do we need that now!
I really do love Goliath Books, as you have read here before…as well as looking at naked pictures of chicks. It will be a long day in hell before I start apologizing for my hetero-ness and as long as I can gaze in wide wonder at that which is wonderful, I damn well will. Thanks Goliath, for again, allowing me to exercise the freedom to ogle.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Here's another two new naughty books from Goliath Books.
First up is "Dirty Girl Collection." Chock-full of
Ellen Stagg’s photography of amazing beauties, Stagg is of the best-known American nude photographers. Starting photography in high school, she began showing her first black and white photos in art galleries in Connecticut. Moving to NYC she earned a BFA in photography at the School of Visual Arts, by the end of her junior year there signing with her first agent. As many photographers do, Stagg began working in commercial photography, but realized her passion was in erotic work. It wasn’t until she met adult actress Justine Joli, in 2005 (and Joli is one of the 50 models featured in this book) that she began her erotic photography in earnest, allowed entre then into the adult film world. Stagg began the site and then published in Penthouse and Playboy as well as showing her work in galleries around the world.  
From 420 images of women in lingere and fetish boots, naked cuties, soft artful shots and ones taken as if Stagg was shooting adverts for a porn company’s gallery of ladies, this is the high-water mark of American erotic photography.
As with most of Goliaths offering, we get text here in English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano.
The other book on my list this week, is Goliath's Super Pussy Parade, celebrating, yes, you guessed it, that part of the female antaomy that beguiles us all. Over fifty photographers contribute to the 500 pages of over a thousand photos here. Each session inside is spread (and we do mean spread) over double-sided pages in this hardcover. S.P.P. is the first volume in a new anthology series from Goliath.

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